Thank you for considering Threefold School!

We look forward to exploring whether your family might thrive in our studio. Our application process is designed to make sure that we are the right school to serve the learning needs of your child and your family.

We are currently accepting applications for students in 1st through 5th grades.

Here is how our application process works:

  1. Visit us. Schedule a call or contact us below to arrange another meeting with Charissa Mitchell, Head of School.

  2. Complete your research and an application. We have many great resources to help you understand our model and consider whether your family would be a good fit at Threefold School.

  3. Interview. Once you have completed the above steps, we will schedule an in-person interview with you and your child before making an admissions decision.

  4. Admissions decision. We will inform you of our admissions decision within two weeks of your interview.

  5. Deposit. Admission will be confirmed upon receipt of deposit. Contact us for up-to-date tuition and deposit information.

Are you ready to begin your application?

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